So the day is finally upon me. I’m not going to say much for now. I’ll just let you listen. I fixed the glitches I could and am left with a whole bunch of other glitches that I’ll have to fix on the next episodes (with any luck #2 is coming next month).

I hope you enjoy and share it. And if you don’t, I hope you take the time to let me know why you didn’t. I’m open to talk.


A Couple Thank Yous

  • Eric from Tip Tap Tip — Many thanks to Eric who took a couple hours to sit down with me last year and talk me through Audacity and creating my first podcast.
  • Thanks to my parents for buying me a kickass pair of headphones for my birthday that really helped in editing
  • Thanks to Allison Crowe for making her music so beautiful and open. Her song definitely helped to smooth out some rocky spots in the podcast.
  • And thanks to Rob for being brave enough to do this first episode with me.
  • There’s so many people to thank, but I need to add 2 more—Mark and Kevin—for their inspiration and help.

This is an adult conversation.