As you know, because I’ve been referring to this abstract thing for the last two months, I’m working on a podcast. For the last two months I’ve been saying working, but really that just means I was playing computer games like TF2 (which I’m pretty good at).

I suffer from a lack of will power/strong anxiety when it comes to personal/creative projects. However, I changed all of that when I guilted myself into working on it this week via Twitter. Actually that guilt was in conjunction with a much healthier chat with Tip Tap Tip (a podcaster here in Calgary) that showed me the editing ropes. Many thanks to Eric for taking the time to show me how he works.

Once I actually started editing the main interview of the first episode (currently titled “Rhett saves you from Christianity”), I found it was actually a lot of fun and my anxiety disappeared. I’ve learned quite a few things so far and so I thought I’d share.

  1. I don’t hate my voice. I thought I might, but I don’t. I’ve heard it enough times on videos that it doesn’t really bother me, but it is a different experience to listen to yourself on video for a minute or two and listen to a 45 minute interview. That being said—and I realized this because of the audio quality of my recorder—my voice is a lot more nasal than I realized.
  2. Also, in comparison to the videos I’ve done, it’s been interesting to hear a recording of myself in a very personal and reflective conversation with one of my best friends. And with that, thank God for editing, because I get to edit all the stupid shit I say out or at least most of it. I’m also going to have to work on how many times I say “like” or “kind of thing”. Those are my crutches.
  3. I have to be okay with not producing This American Life on my first try. You always have to start with your first version and grow. But it’s also frustrating because I’d like it to be perfect. Unfortunately, mostly due to anxiety, I gave the technical aspects of my interview with Rob almost no thought and therefore the audio quality isn’t as good as it could have been. It’s actually a little shitty, but I laughed my ass off listening to it so hopefully you will at least titter a bit.

Overall, I’m excited for you to hear the podcast. It contains a pretty revealing conversation about both Rob and my experiences with Christianity that I’ve rarely talked about with others and I’m keenly interested to hear your feedback because I think there will likely be a lot of people who have gone through similar experiences with Christianity or you will finally be able to write me off as the heretic that you’re pretty sure I am—which I am.

The main chunk is edited and tonight I’m going to record/edit the intro and conclusion to the piece and then put the final touches on the podcast (like adding some music). Speaking of which, if you have any recommendations for good Creative Commons music I definitely could use a hand with this. I’m hoping that I’ll have something for you to listen to by the beginning of next week and I’m already planning the second episode (which might be HUGE).

Stay tuned.