A Premature Annunciation

It’s too bad that a rockstar can’t be god–perhaps more things in this world would go right. It seems as though Tracy has gone ahead and told the world about me and I wasn’t even ready for it. This got me thinking–is Tracy always this premature? Well, I am not sure I can answer that. But, I do know that Tracy is always one step ahead of me. She is sort of like a guide who walks in front of me in the jungle, hacking down the brush with her machete, and thus creating a clear path for me. She was published before me, she was in writing groups, she took Randy’s creative writing class before me, we did goto Sage Hill at the same time, she was a mentor (with Judy) before me (I was with Shelley), she has a book before me, she had a blog before and now she has announced my blog before I could! How dare she. I haven’t even editted that Soveran poem on the main page yet. I haven’t even filled out all of the important pages that so desperately need words to fill them. I haven’t even taken enough pictures to last for days worth of viewing. I haven’t even thought about what I should blog about today! Yet, I have posted all of it and so perhaps I am the one who is premature and Tracy is just a good friend.

And now a reading from Tumbleweed:

“God would have us know that we must live as those who manage our lives without God. The God who is with us is the God who forsakes us. The God who lets us live in the world without the working hypothesis of God is the God before whom we stand continuously. Before God and with God we live without God. God is weak and powerless in the world and that is precisely the way, the only way in which [God] is with us to help us.” – Dietrich Bonhoeffer, The Cost of Discipleship

And now for something completely different…


Happy in my Shell

Welcome, welcome… welcome!

What do I say? What can I blog about that might be interesting. Well, let me set it up a little bit. Something of a pre-ramble before I really start to ramble. I think this blog and this website are somewhat of a shrine to myself. How arrogant, I know. But, I am a rockstar which covers a variety of sins. A couple of years ago I had another website called costlygrace.ca. I got the name/idea of the site from a Lutheran theologian/martyr from WW2 era, named Dietrich Bonhoeffer. A true inspiration to my life, but the website lacked focus. I was trying to create a website that wanted to be focussed on me but I felt ashamed to glorify myself so much. I found that I was always in an awkward balance between trying to have it be about more somehow. So, I threw up a collage of images of Christ painted by Georges Rouault. Though Christ can be a centering force, in my mind, it was something of a facade–and not a very good one. I was hiding. This time, there can be no hiding.

Truly, welcome to rockstarpoet.ca! This is meant to be a professional, personal and goofy site contained with all sorts of things. I have had troubles because on the About page I use third person, but by the Visual page I have switched to first. So, this website is going to be all over the place, as will this blog. I will post as different characters, different writing styles… basically it will be an open space for anything I can conjure. And I hope that will keep things fresh. You may hear from me (Rhett), Tumbleweed Truthteller, God, Soveran and anyone else that comes to mind.

I have lots of ideas for this website and right now it is just a shell for everything I hope it can accomplish. Enjoy K-OS. He seems to be something of a rockstar poet to me. Feel free to comment and/or email me at: rhett AT soveran DOT ca.