Who is Joseph Kony?

I’ve seen this in multiple places today already, so you might have seen this already, but it’s worth spreading. I think this is a worthy goal and the video gives you a sense of the power that you and I have to make real change.

Update: I had considered that I should do more research on this yesterday before I posted this, but I didn’t have the time (and this is why I am a blogger, not a journalist but that’s not really a viable excuse). I knew the documentary was fairly narrow, simplistic and idealistic—but that doesn’t mean there isn’t truth in it. All that being said, BoingBoing has a good list of criticism for Kony 2012 and Invisible Children has posted a response to the critiques.

Update 2: The more I read the more I regret that I allowed myself to be swept up in the video and I should’ve thought about this more carefully. I do think there is a value in watching this video, but perhaps before you give any money you really should consider doing more research. Two more articles that you might want to consider reading are from The Atlantic:

I killed the Internet

This is a great article and while I don’t agree with everything he says, especially in regards to Path because I do see value in some closed systems (at least within today’s context), the internet is the best example of what the “American dream” really represents—a level field where everyone has an equal opportunity and where we can come together to share and build. Keeping the net neutral is imperative or we will have failed to fully realize the opportunity the internet represents.

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