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Instead of deleting my archive I’ve stuck years worth of awful writing into this category. Read at your own risk.

I killed the Internet

This is a great article and while I don’t agree with everything he says, especially in regards to Path because I do see value in some closed systems (at least within today’s context), the internet is the best example of what the “American dream” really represents—a level field where everyone has an equal opportunity and where we can come together to share and build. Keeping the net neutral is imperative or we will have failed to fully realize the opportunity the internet represents.

Via Pop Loser.

An Open Letter to a Suicidal Friend, a Bulimic Friend, a Long Lost Aunt, and Stephanie, My New LinkedIn Connection

I want to be open-minded about all the communication that I receive—a text, tweet, Facebook update, email, blog comment—and I know that it is (mostly) my job to filter and put information in context, but I find myself pulling back further and further as time goes on. I’m worn out. I find the schizophrenia and noise of social media more and more overwhelming. This open letter is a much more eloquent way of looking at that struggle.

I hear everything

For the last 5 years the baby conversation has been in deep orbit. Leah was in school, we were making enough to get by with just the two of us and the idea of having a child scares the hell out of me. Not because I think I’d necessarily be a bad father, but because of the ethics around it and also because babies are needy and I HAVE NEEDS TOO. So discussions between Leah and I about having children were few and they were always discussed as being at some far-off, abstract and preferably non-existent time.

However, now that Leah is finished her Masters, the conversation is happening more regularly and instead of deep orbit it’s more of a Armageddon-style asteroid that’s coming right for me.

The other night we were watching Up All Night, with Will Arnett and Christina Applegate (which is quite good). I recall the house smelled like we’d just brought in a (real) Christmas tree, but in truth it was from the candles that Leah was burning. We were snuggled on the couch, under a knitted blanket, and Will’s character was carrying his TV baby in a sling.

Side note: I find that the older I get the more obvious the marketing to my demographic becomes. No one understands teenagers so it’s just a bunch of loud noises, but as I get older the attempts to get my attention are much more refined. There are so many TV shows right now that are very similar to my life and as such quite relatable. Like a TV show about new parents.

So, Will’s character is holding a baby in a sling or a baby backpack or some kind of baby-holidng device and Leah pauses the show, looks into my eyes and I look into hers, and says—with all the love, hope and happiness she bears me—I can’t wait to have kids. I bet you’ll be just like that—always wanting to carry the baby. You’ll be so cute.

Before I finish—what did you hear? What did you read? Because let me tell you, this is the typical barrage of psychological warfare she unleashes upon me daily. I’m onto you, Leah Soveran. Don’t think I don’t know. I hear everything.

I heard the truth. What she was really saying was:

We are having kids and this is not a discussion. I’m going to carry this child for 9 months, but you’ll be carrying him for the next 20 years. You’re going to do all the heavy lifting. You’re going to do all the heavy lifting. You’re going to do all the heavy lifting.

So, there you have it. I’m totally screwed and I think you go to jail for blowing up a baby (re: Armageddon reference). I better start working on my core. On the plus side, I have always wanted discernable abs.