There are a thousand disclaimers screaming inside of me, but I think the best thing I could say is that this is my first episode of my first podcast and today I want to give you a short preview.

The podcast (and blog) follow a simple theme “Rhett is here to save you” and each episode I will strive to save you from a given subject. For my first episode I somehow imagined that I should tackle the biggest subject in my life to date—Christianity. I’m glad I attempted it, but I do need to learn to go easier on myself.

A year ago (yes, a year ago), I recorded this conversation with one of my closest friends, Rob. That conversation lead to some fundamental shifts in my thinking, which is a large part of why this took so long to produce because the story kept shifting as my mind processed the change. Also, I suffer from oftentimes crushing anxiety—but don’t we all?

I actually finished this last week, sampled it out to a few friends for feedback, but I’ve just been figuring out how to technically disseminate a podcast. Also, I’m not entirely sure what the affect of hosting this podcast will do to my server. All of this is not as easy as it should be. So today I’m starting with a sample to submit to the iTunes store and either tomorrow or Wednesday I will be posting the entire 46 minute episode.

If you’ve never heard my voice, Rob is the first to speak in the preview and I am the second (or the stuttering one, ugh—there is only so much you can edit out).